Available Funding

Construction Skills Queensland Funding


If you are currently working in the Queensland building, and construction industry you may be eligible for CSQ funded training.

Please Note: You will be required to contribute towards program costs as CSQ doesn’t cover the full expense. 

Short Courses

CSQ Funding may be available through the short courses program to those workers currently in the Queensland building and construction industry. The short courses program provides funding for individual competencies and skills sets. Please see below units on offer.

Unit CodeUnit NameFull CostCSQ Funding Contribution (If eligibe)Full Cost with CSQ Funding
UEERL0004Disconnect - reconnect electrical equipment connected to low voltage (LV) installation wiring.$1195$304$891
UEERL0002Attach cords, cables and plugs to electrical equipment for connection to 1000V a.c. or 1500V d.c.$265$262$3
UEERL0001Attach cords and plugs to electrical equipment for connection to asingle phase 230 Volt supply. $245$242$3
UEERL0003Conduct in-service safety testing of electrical cord connected equipment and cord assemblies.$495$303$192
UEERL0005Locate and rectify faults in low voltage (LV) electrical equipment using set procedures. $550$304$246
Please Note: UEECD0007Apply work health and safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace is a pre-requisite unit for the above units of competency which is offered as part of the cost of these units.
UETDRRF004 Perform rescue from a live LV panel$79$69$10
UETDRRF004 + HLTAID009 Perform rescue from a live LV panel
Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation$95$69$26

CSQ Eligibility Criteria

Eligible participants must meet the following requirements:

1. Right to work in Australia

    • Australian or New Zealand Citizen or
    • Permanent resident of Australia (if not a citizen).
    • A visa holder with relevant permission to work.

2. Permanently work in Queensland

    • An eligible worker: Employed in Queensland within the Building and Construction Industry.
    • Self Employed.
    • An unemployed eligible worker (unemployed for a period not greater than four years who would otherwise meet the requirements of an eligible worker).
    • An active apprentice or trainee registered in Queensland undertaking an apprenticeship or trainee-ship as per the CSQ provided listing.
    • An eligible worker or unemployed eligible worker in the first year out of their CSQ approved apprenticeship or trainee-ship. Must commence training within 365 days of the completion date.
    • A cancelled apprentice or trainee who was undertaknig a CSQ approved apprenticeship or traineeship that has been cancelled and is currently accessing State Government funding to complete their institution based training.
    • Work cover participants.

For more information please visit the CSQ website.