10878NAT - Minimum Australian Context Gap Training

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Our nationally recognised 10878NAT gap Training program is designed specifically for skilled migrants holding an OTSR (Offshore Technical Skills Record) in the field of Refrigeration and Air conditioning. Geared towards overseas refrigeration mechanics this course focuses on:

  • Australian Work Health and Safety practices and documentation requirements 
  • Implementation of control measures for workplace hazards
  • Australian standards in troubleshooting low-voltage circuit issues
  • Safe disconnect and reconnection of fixed-wired electrical equipment
  • Refrigerant recovery
  • Pressure and leak testing, evacuation and charging 
  • Installation, service and maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning systems
  • Diagnosis of faults in refrigeration and air conditioning systems
  • Flammable hydrocarbon refrigerants

Our expert team will assess your skills and provide any gap training required to get you qualified in Australia.

Minimum Australian Context Gap Training for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning in Brisbane

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Please note the cost of our course will be determined during your pre-assessment and RPL assessment by our training team.

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Course Information

Australian Context Gap Training Purpose

Get Skilled Training now offers 10878NAT – Course in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning – Minimum Australian Context Gap for skilled overseas training workers who have successfully completed the Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR) and seeking to work in Australia. 
Successful completion of this course and on-job training in Australia, applicants will be granted with this statement of attainment which meet the requirements for UEE32220 – Certificate III in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration for occupational licensing.
Please note: Candidates are only eligible for an OTSR if they are competent against all of the technical components of every unit of competence comprising the Certificate III in Air-conditioning and Refrigeration (UEE32220) qualification or successor. Upon arrival in Australia, candidates holding an OTSR are, on presentation to the licensing regulator, entitled to a provisional/restricted licence.
Man working on air vent.

Course Prerequisites

To be eligible to complete this course with Get Skilled Training, all students will be required to
  • Find an employer to gain on-job experience within Australia for the duration of this course and undertake Exemplar Profiling to record their weekly record of work
  • Successfully complete UEE20120 – Certificate II in Split Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Systems prior to enrolling in 10878NAT.
Please note: At this stage, students without the prerequisite requirements will not be able to complete this course with Get Skilled Training. If you wish to be added to our waitlist for when these requirements change, please reply to this email to inform our administration team who will keep your details on file. By completing this certificate II course, this also may allow for the student an easier pathway to employment while working towards 10878NAT and their certificate III qualification.
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Course Duration

Depending on your prior experience in refrigeration and air conditioning, the course duration may vary and is expected to take 12 months to complete for workers who meet the prerequisite requirements.
  • Up to 15 days of practical hands-on training and assessment at a Get Skilled Training venue
  • Workplace training installing, setting up, testing, fault finding, repairing and maintaining and selecting components for
    • Refrigeration systems and equipment that apply to food storage and preservation
    • Air conditioning and air distribution equipment in buildings and premises. 
The workplace training is to be recorded through the exemplar profiling system as must be signed off by the students employer to confirm the scope of training in the industry for the full qualification is undertaken.

Course Cost

The cost of this course determined by your assessor during your initial assessment is between $6500-$13500*. This covers:
  • Completion of UEE20120 – Certificate II in Split Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Systems and your restricted electrical course
  • Your RPL assessment including your online assessment, competency conversation with a Get Skilled Training assessor and a challenge test to determine your current skills and knowledge. 
  • All face to face training and assessment offered by Get Skilled Training for units of competency within the 10878NAT/UEE32220 qualification
  • Access to training material online during and after the qualification has been completed.
  • Take-away course material including supplier and software information.
  • Ongoing support with our training and administration team via email and phone throughout the duration of your course

Units Of Competency

Units Of Competency

NAT10809001Apply Australian work health and safety practices in the electrical workplace
NAT10878001Apply control measures for Australian refrigeration and air conditioning workplace hazards and risks
NAT10878002Apply Australian standards to solve refrigeration and air conditioning low voltage circuit problems
NAT10878003 Disconnect and reconnect fixed wired electrical equipmnet connected to a Low voltage supply
NAT10878004Recover, pressure and leak test, evacuate and charge refrigerants
NAT10878005Install refrigeration and air conditioning systems
NAT10878006Diagnose and rectify faults in refrigeration and air conditioning systems and components
NAT108780007Verify compliance and functionality of Australian refrigeration and air conditioning systems
NAT10878008Solve problems in beverage dispensers
NAT10878010Solve problems in ice making systems

For more information about what these course units involve, call Get Skilled on 1300 856 832.

Course Outcome & Career Pathways

Course Outcome

This course meets the qualification requirements for UEE32220 – Certificate III in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration and leads to a licenced outcome with the Australia Refrigeration Council (ARC) for RAC01 – Refrigerant handling licence – qualified persons (Full refrigeration and air conditioning licence: 2 & 3 years). 

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