Payment Terms and Cancellation Policy


Practical Workshop – Any practical session offered by Get Skilled Training which is offered as part of a unit of competency, skillset and/or qualification.

Business Day – Between the hours of 8:30am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

Course – A training program which is a qualification, skillset or units of competency.

Payment Terms

Payment for ‘Start Now, Pay Later’ courses is required 7 days prior to attending your practical workshop.

Payment for courses requiring an up-front deposit must be paid prior to enrolment.

Students who do not make payment 3 business days prior to the practical workshop commencement date will be contacted for payment by credit card. Failure to make payment may result in the student being rescheduled from the practical workshop.

Students can make payments to Get Skilled Training by any of the following means:

    • Credit card (MasterCard and VISA only – A 1% fee applies to all credit card payments)
    • Direct deposit
    • PayPal (A 2.6% fee applies to all PayPal payments)
    • Cash.

All cash payments are to be authorised by the administration team 7 days prior to the practical workshop. You must have the correct amount of cash for your course payment as Get Skilled Training does not carry change.

Please note: Get Skilled Training (GST) cannot request prospective or current students to pre-pay course fees in excess of $1500. This is a legislated requirement that GST must comply with. Where overall course fees exceed $1500, students will be invoiced for the remaining fees after services equal to the initial $1500 payment have been delivered by GST.

Where the total course exceeds $2500 and has more than one practical workshop, a ‘pay per workshop’ instalment will be used for each practical workshop which forms part of the qualification. This process is designed to protect and safeguard the student fees and ensure students are not disadvantaged.

All nationally recognised qualifications, skillsets and units of competency delivered by Get Skilled Training are GST-Free, in accordance with the Australian Taxation Office GST Rulings.

Payment Receipts

A tax invoice/receipt will be issued for all payments made to Get Skilled Training within 5 days by the accounts receivable team.

Refund Policy

Full refunds will be made to students in the event of a practical workshop cancellation by Get Skilled Training, unless cancellation was made due to disciplinary sanctions or failure to complete the course in the allocated time.

Students who pay any fees prior to enrolment in a Get Skilled Training course, will eligible for a full refund, minus a 5% administration fee.

Students who have enrolled in a course and commenced the online theory will be eligible for a full refund, minus a 15% administration and course resources fee.

Participants who wish to change their booking ‘7’ business days prior to the practical workshop of Get Skilled Training’s courses are able to defer to the next course. For transfers within 7 days, please refer to the transfer policy below (see transfers below).

The following payment terms apply for all Get Skilled Training courses:

Practical CoursesWhere the course is delivered with a practical workshop component and online theory.

A full refund is permitted for any fees paid if the enrolment is cancelled/withdrawn at least 10 business days prior to commencement of the practical booking.*See Note 1

No refund will be provided within 3 business days prior to the commencement of the practical workshop component of the course.*See Note 2

No refund will be permitted after the practical workshop commencement, or if the student fails to attend on the scheduled date of a practical course.

RPL ApplicationsFor qualifications and units of competency where RPL is applied for part of a qualification.

Fees in excess of the 50% deposit are refundable if the enrolment is cancelled within 30 days of enrolment into the course, prior to the competency conversation.

No refund will be permitted once the competency conversation or challenge test has been carried out by the assessor.

Note 1 – If the student has enrolled and online theory has been commenced, a 15% administration and course resources fee applies. 

Note 2 – Participants who withdraw from a course due to ill health and produce a valid medical certificate will be permitted to come back within 60 days and complete the training. If the person is unable to return to complete the training then 50% of the course fee will be non-refundable.


Transfers will be accepted up to 5 days prior to the practical workshop commencement. Transfers to another practical workshop will only be accommodated within 6 months from the commencement of the original enrolment, after which all fees paid will be forfeited.

Processing of Refunds

    • All refunds will be processed by the same method that the payment was received (ie. if paid by credit card, the payment will be refunded to the same card).
    • All applications for a refund are required to be reviewed by the RTO manager or equivalent for approval and will only be considered if all other options (eg. deferral of course, transfer of fees to another course, etc.) have been considered.
    • Refund requests once approved, will be processed by Get Skilled Training within 10 business days.
    • All refunds will incur a 5% administration fee for processing regardless of circumstances. The 5% is calculated based on the overall cost of your course.

This information is also provided in our student handbook, which is made available to all students who enrol in a course with Get Skilled Training.