Electrical Capstone Training – Non-Accredited


Get skilled in essential knowledge and skills to prepare for the Capstone exams.

This course covers all essential knowledge and skills required for the Capstone test, an electrician’s final examination. 

This includes:

  • General electrical safety
  • Maximum demand calculations
  • AS/NZS 4836:2001 – Safe working on low-voltage electrical installations
  • Current carrying capacity, voltage drop and short circuit temperature rise calculations from AS3008.1.1:2009
  • Correct isolation procedures training for single and three phase boards and loads
  • Earthing continuity, insulation resistance, polarity, correct connections (interconnection tests), fault loop impedance and RCD testing
  • Installation testing of single and three phase panels including faults
  • Electrical safety acts, regulations and codes of practice
  • Wiring Practicals
  • AS3000 rule book questions
  • Other electrical standards

This course can be customised to individual apprentices’ needs with assignments, practice exams and practical testing and will be soon offered with an online component.


This course will ensure participants are confident and well-practiced in how to verify compliance and functionality of low voltage and general electrical installations.


As required by participants.


Class fees can be tailored to suit individuals’ needs. Contact us for more information


For Apprentices

Completion of third or fourth year TAFE training in an electrical apprenticeship.

This is not a nationally recognised program.

Get Skilled Training is a Registered Training Organisation RTO #40569