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Note: The price of the non-accredited course is $330. 

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Online Theory / Simulated Workplace

1 day of practical training and assessment* with an online theory component

Having trouble figuring out what type of course you should enrol in? When it comes to test and tag training, the course you should choose depends on the outcome you’re aiming for. 

Get Skilled Training offers both a non-accredited and nationally accredited Test and Tag course online, so that you can get the right level training now.

In our one-day Test and Tag course, UEERL0003 you will learn how to inspect, conduct in-service safety testing of electrical cord connected equipment and cord assemblies in line with the Australian standard AS/NZS 3760.

We are a registered training organisation regulated by the Australian Skills Authority which means our accredited course is recognised across Australia. 

The Student Journey

Read through the following steps to gain an insight into whats involved with the Test and Tag course. 

Who Is This Course Targeted At?

Those who are needing to test and tag portable electrical appliances to Australian Standards 3760 & 3012, as part of their duties within their workplace or home.

Nationally Accredited Course: UEERL0003 & UEECD0007 (Recommended)

If you want the complete comprehensive training to be able to test and tag equipment in the workplace, this course is for you. This also is the best course to do if you want to test and tag equipment on a commercial basis (i.e. testing and tagging equipment other than your own or your employer’s). Upon completing this course you’ll be given a Statement of Attainment for both UEECD0007 – Apply work health and safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace, UEERL0003 – Conduct in-service safety testing of electrical cord connected equipment and cord assemblies.

For more info on this course or undertaking test and tag on a commercial basis as a business, contact our administration team on 1300 856 832.

Non-Accredited Test & Tag Course

This non-accredited course is for anyone who doesn’t need a nationally recognised course, but wants to conduct testing & tagging in accordance with Australian Standards and wants to be “competent” as defined by the Workplace Health and Safety Regulations Code of Practice.

In this course, Get skilled will teach you how to use a pass-fail portable applicant tester (PAT) and how to visually inspect electrical equipment. There is no online learning component in our standard Test & Tag course, and upon completion you’ll receive a Statement of Attendance.  This will show you have the required level of competency to test and tag your own electrical equipment and your employer’s electrical equipment.

Course Outcomes

Non-Accredited Test and Tag Course

If you are deemed competent, you will have the training and required skills to test and tag your own electrical appliances and your employer’s electrical appliances under Australian Standards 3760 and 3012.

Upon completion of this course, you will be presented with a Statement of Attainment. 

Nationally Accredited Course: UEERL0003 & UEECD0007.

You will be able to test and tag electrical appliances in line with the Australian Standards 3760 and 3012. Note: You will not be able to test and tag commercially as a business until you meet the licencing requirement outlined by the Electrical Safety Office. 

Upon completing this course you’ll be presented with a statement of Attainment for the units you’ve completed with a certificate Number. 

Course Information

Course Prerequisites

There are no formal entry requirements for this course. 

Nationally Accredited Course: UEERL0003 & UEECD0007

This practical assessment for UEERL0003 can only be taken after you have completed the UEECD0007 Apply Work Health and Safety regulations, codes of practice in the workplace.
It is also recommended that students taking both of these courses have basic literacy and numeracy skills and arrive to their practical training in appropriate clothing (including closed-in footwear). An LLN Quiz can be undertaken online prior to enrolling in this course.

Non-Accredited Test & Tag Course

This course does not require previous electrical knowledge or training. It is, however, only open to those whose work or study duties require test & tag competency, as this ensures the student or worker’s learning is up-to-date.

Course Duration / Delivery

Nationally Accredited Course: UEERL0003 & UEECD0007

This course involves 4 hours of self-paced online learning as well as one day of in-person training which both cover the following units:

  • UEECD0007 Apply work Health & Safety regulations, codes and practice in the workplace and;
  • UEERL0003 Conduct in-service safety testing of electrical cord connected equipment and cord assemblies

To find out more about what you’ll be learning about in these units, scroll down to “Units of Competency”.

Non-Accredited Test & Tag Course

This one-day course is delivered in person and requires no online components to be completed. During your training, you will learn about:

  • Regulatory and legislative requirements
  • Applicable standards and publications
  • Basic principles of electricity and electrical circuits
  • Basic construction and classes of electrical appliance including:

 – Cords Plugs and Sockets 240V

 –  Cords Plugs and Sockets 415V

 – Single and 3-phase appliances

  • What is required to complete a visual inspection
  • How to test:
    • Single Phase 240V Equipment
  • How to test and inspect:

–  Residual Current Devices (RCD)

  • The required documentation for testing and inspection 
  • How to use testing instruments including portable appliance testers (PED)

This information is brought to you in an easy to understand, interactive way with a particular focus on hands-on learning, so that you’ll finish the course with the confidence and skills to test and tag on your own.

Course Dates

We offer regular Test & Tag courses throughout the year. See our map at the bottom of the page to find a date and training location that’s convenient to you.

Units Of Competency

Units Of Competency

Nationally Accredited Course: UEERL0003 & UEECD0007 

This course involves completing two core units of competency.

First, you’ll do the UEECD0007 Apply work Health & Safety regulations, codes and practice in the workplace. During this unit, you’ll learn about:

  • How mandatory OHS requirements apply to electrotechnology work
  • Your responsibilities regarding workplace health and safety
  • Risk management processes at all operative levels
  • How to adhere to safety practices while doing your work

Once you’ve completed the first unit, you will be able to undertake the online theory for UEERL0003 Conduct in-service safety testing of electrical cord connected equipment and cord assemblies. The second unit is designed to give you all the information and skills you need to safely test electrical cord connected equipment and assemblies. During this unit, you’ll learn about:

  • Working safely
  • Types of appliances and their construction
  • How to conduct a Visual Inspection of Portable Appliances
  • Electrical Tests required for portable appliances
  • Using a portable apparatus tester
  • Identifying and respond to faults
  • Applying tagging
  • Arranging for faulty equipment to be repaired
  • Filling out testing documentation

At the face to face component of the course, you will complete all of the practical training and assessment designed to ensure you can undertake the required tests on portable appliances to ensure they are safe to use in the workplace.

Non-Accredited Test & Tag Course

This course is not undertaken under the Australian Skills Quality Authority, and “competency” is not a formal qualificatio

What's Included in the Course?

Included in the course

  • Morning tea and lunch. 
  • All online assessment materials.
  • Access to relevant reference materials, The Australian Standards-AS/NZS3760 & learner support.
  • All equipment to complete the practical component will be provided onsite. 
Add this important competency to your growing skill set by booking online today. 

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Ricardo Mastroieni
Ricardo Mastroieni
05:07 31 Aug 21
The practical learning was very well delivered and the online was excellent.
Sanjay Patel
Sanjay Patel
12:14 25 Jul 21
Overall, I am satisfied with this training in all aspects. I highly recommend to get Split system certification through GetSkilled.Thank youread more
Vaughn Hendricks
Vaughn Hendricks
10:37 20 Jul 21
Very happy with Get Skilled and their staff. The course was affordable and concise and covered all the necessary and applicable aspects to attaining my ticket.read more
Carey Joy
Carey Joy
00:32 06 Jul 21
Great training team, flexible and well targeted training..
Silvo DeMeo
Silvo DeMeo
11:13 20 Jun 21
Had a really good and beneficial experience . highly recommend using this organisation
stephen Mcmahon
stephen Mcmahon
01:51 14 Jun 21
HI did a refrigeration couse with get skilled training.Found the instuctors to be well skilled and up to date with all regulations and training.read more
Liam McManus
Liam McManus
20:10 12 Mar 21
Frank, Aaron and Paul were great!Highly recommend.
Hans Lawatsch
Hans Lawatsch
18:46 22 Feb 21
Knowledgeable, patient workshop trainers with good systems for learning.Online training modules can be chipped away at night as I’m too busy to sit down in class. & The Videos are helpful.read more
JIM Orum
JIM Orum
01:53 05 Feb 21
Better than Bill Gamon’s Skillbuild course…Get Skilled trainers were not even a little bit arrogant …
Joshua Moore
Joshua Moore
23:40 16 Jan 21
Great course and the trainers were very knowledgeable. Will be putting my other employee’s through this course.
Glenn Schultz
Glenn Schultz
04:32 29 Aug 20
Fantastic Course to really learn the basic fundamentals of AC. The online modules are easy to follow and the trainers are fantastic. Cheers Graham and Colin for sharing your wealth of knowledge!read more
tyson pratt
tyson pratt
12:13 11 Aug 20
Fantastic guys to deal with and a great team.
Kenny Casey
Kenny Casey
00:16 13 Jul 20
Colin & Nick are great trainers. Very conscientious and made the students feel comfortable. Highly recommend using Get Skilled.read more
Daniel Mullins
Daniel Mullins
07:04 21 Jun 20
100% Satisfaction. I was tempted to use a different training provider for this course. I’m so glad I didn’t. Colin, Peter and Nick are some of the most experienced trainers I have used. They know the standards and regulations like the back of there hand. If you are a sparky or plumber looking to up-skill. I would 100% recommend using Get Skilled Training as the support and expertise you gain from their staff are second to none.read more
Helen Kirk
Helen Kirk
02:23 01 Jun 20
Great course, well delivered by very knowledgeable and practical trainers
liam begg
liam begg
07:05 22 Mar 20
Trainers were really good and very experienced and knowledgeable in the aspects that were shown and spoken about. Equipment was in good condition and students were allowed to be very hands on there was no such thing as a silly question which was great for me, having had very limited experience with air cons. I would highly recommend.read more
danh nguyen
danh nguyen
08:56 07 Feb 20
Trainer outstanding, theory and practical learning very useful
22:43 03 Feb 20
Great course. Trainers are very approachable and positive and are the reason Get skilled has 5 stars. Full size training room and organised really well!read more
pavel F
pavel F
19:35 03 Jan 20
Very detailed information has been given on the course.The essential information was repeated several times in different ways.read more
Jesse Wilson
Jesse Wilson
06:40 26 Sep 19
Learn at your own pace with online theory which includes both slides and video tutorials to familiarize yourself and tap into industry terms and knowledge. Two full days of practical training is also required.read more
Col Cooper
Col Cooper
22:19 07 Jun 19
Totally worth doing my training with these folks. Col and Nick were totally organised and professional. Easy way to get get through the online work as the system is well set up. All in all would recommend highly to others.read more
Henry Wong
Henry Wong
03:39 04 Mar 17
Excellent Trainers.
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